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Should you choose a pocket folder to present your sales pitch or look for another format? Sales Managers and Marketing Directors search for the answer that fits their style, product and budget. Here are the pros and cons.6 Reasons to Choose a Pocket Folder Versatility – No other format is as versatile. From its most simplistic single-pocket configuration to a 6-panel version with stapled-in pages and stair-stepped inserts, the format allows the most options to add as much detail as needed.Changeability – If you have information that changes regularly, the format is very accommodating. You can insert different information each time it is delivered. A perfect example of differing information is when your organization has custom pricing for each prospective account. Consider creating matching template pages which are mostly blank, but have graphics that match the pocket folder. Then laser in your variable information and slip the pages into the pocket.Other changeable information can include things like multiple product lines. Suppose you have 8 product lines, each with its own inserts/brochures. Some of your products are designed for all of your target audiences, some for 2 audiences, and some for 4 or 5 audiences. It’s easy to mix and match inserts that are specific to each audience.First Impression Value – The oversized format and solid feeling can’t be beat. When you receive a pocket folder, it just feels more important. Make sure you choose a good designer to enhance the value even further.Convenience for the Recipient – The recipient has a handy place to hold all of your information, including your business card. Everything can be kept neatly and securely.Cost – Interestingly, the cost can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. Compared to a simple trifold brochure, the cost is certainly higher, but the trifold can’t deliver variable information efficiently. If you had to change information each time you made a presentation with a trifold, it would be an expensive and useless endeavor.Multiple Uses – Good looking pocket folders with generic graphics can fit multiple uses. Make sales presentations, send proposals, deliver contracts, or fulfill literature requests – all with the same device.4 Reasons NOT to Choose a Pocket FolderLack of Cohesiveness – Often the users slip into the mindset that “the more we give the prospect, the better chance we have to finalize a sale.” They mistakenly include every piece of literature they have, making the main message become softened and/or confused. Prospects get overloaded and either pass over or ignore the primary message.Cohesiveness can also be lost when well-meaning, but poorly trained employees, create pieces to insert that don’t maintain a branded image.Cost – The typical cost can range from $1 – $10 each. Weigh the cost of an average sale against the cost to determine if it’s worth the expense. If you’re selling in the business-to-business arena with an average sale over $500, they’re great. Look for a cheaper option if you’re selling products worth under $500.Overkill – If your product or service is simple or low-cost choose a small brochure or flyer instead.Extensive Amounts of Information – There’s a limit. Once you get past 24-36 pages of information, it’s probably better to switch to a catalog or magazine format.

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Help make YOUR Literature Jump outAfter your investment in design and printing of your require literature and marketing brochures, ideally you would want them to be highly visual and offered to the public in the most cost effective and professional display units.There are many variations of Brochure holders available manufactured in wood, wire mesh, cardboard and more recently Bamboo with the focus on “green alternative”, but by far the most widely used is clear acrylic brochure holders.In past years, the majority of clear acrylic holders were produced by plastic fabrication businesses, whereby units were made individually to suit the clients requirements, but cutting, folding and gluing the plastic pieces together. Today the majority of holders are manufactured in mass with injected moulding models, generating clear, durable acrylic holders in a more economical way, with strength being more apparent.Despite the fact that leaflet holders come in a great selection of models, sizes and styles, the most widely applied kinds are identified in common sizes such as A4, A5 (being ½ A4) and 1/3 A4 (generally referenced to as DL). A extensive range of these standard sizes are generally available throughout the market coming from single pocket to multi tied variations, regardless of whether they be Counting Standing, Floor Standing (generally mounted on a base and centre pole) or even types of wall mounted models.Almost all brochure holders, irrespective of whether they are single pocket or multi pocket/tierd, generally have a depth of 32mm. The actual width of the pocket is typically a few mm broader than the regular material. For example A4 pockets happen to be 230mm wide, A5 pockets are 160mm wide and 1/3 A4 are 104mm wide. Frequently companies wish to brand their particular brochure holders with the logo or business message. Most of these are generally screen printed onto the actual flat surface at the base of the brochure holders. The customization of brochure holder items are perfect for marketing applications because they are usually cost-effective marketing and advertising tools. The most cost efficient technique to obtain your own desired brochure holder, is generally in carton lots with the quantity established by the a variety of producers. Whenever purchasing in this approach, clear acrylic brochure holders are a highly cost-effective method of positioning your current message in very clear view of the public. The correct choice of brochure holders will certainly support almost all companies develop because of suitable coverage.Whenever deciding on a style or brand, generally aesthetics play a part together with the actual design and style as well as functionality of the unit. There are generally quite a few ‘copy cats’ of the major brand names that launch a handful of versions only and generally do not stand the ‘test of time’ in regards to sturdiness to the demands associated with passing traffic. New unidentified brands generally have a short existence since the purchase of moulds, in particular providing for a substantial selection of alternatives, requires considerable expenditure internationally and the smaller manufactures quickly loose marketplace acclaim by means of inferior quality control and reinvestment into improved moulds. Accordingly, presently there is less than a small number of highly regarded manufacturers which experts claim cater to the worldwide market and have been in business more than 20 years.

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Traditionally, young adult lit involves themes like forging your own identity and building self-acceptance. Recently, however, we’ve seen a noticeable increase in themes of forsaking your family to become undead, changing your personality to the point of unrecognizability, and feasting on human blood to nourish a fetus that your husband will eventually have to chomp out of your womb. (No, we aren’t making this up). For those of us who miss the good ol’ days when reading teen lit made you feel better about life (as opposed to in need of a long shower), it might be a good investment to pick up some of the following classic reads.Despite the countless ways in which Ray Bradbury can put us ill at ease, his 1962 coming-of-age novel Something Wicked This Way Comes actually has a wholesome message at its core. Beneath all the carnies and funhouses, that is. The story follows two thirteen-year-olds named Will and Jim, whose visit to the traveling circus gets them involved with a wicked witch, a magic carousel, and a guy who has tattooed both their faces on his hands. (Clearly, this predates the cameraphone.)For whatever reason, Jim is drawn to all things dangerous, creepy, or both, and desperately wants to ride the carousel that can instantly turn him into an adult à la Tom Hanks in Big. Will, on the other hand, enjoys being thirteen and has absolutely no desire to pursue adulthood through unnatural means. (Clearly, this predates VH1.) With the help of Will’s father, the two learn how to kill evil with a smile – literally – and laugh in the face of insecurity, even when that face is your own. Only Ray Bradbury can pull off something like that while still managing to scare the crap out of you.Published in the same year, Madeline L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time is a similarly offbeat novel that reads like something out of a David Bowie acid flashback. Our teen heroine is Meg Murray, a self-proclaimed, self-loathing freak whose face is horribly disfigured by – get this – braces. (Okay, so standards were different in 1962.) Also noteworthy is the fact that she travels to a planet called Camazotz with the help of four exploded stars and a time/space-folding procedure called a tesserract. Yeah, we’ve all been there.Through her travels, Meg learns to let go of everyone’s helping hands (literally – she was practically glued to the things), see her “faults” as things that could “come in very handy,” and ultimately fly solo to solve her own problems. The story climaxes with Meg defeating a giant, pulsating brain through the power of love. If that ain’t symbolism… well, we’re actually kind of hoping the whole thing is symbolism.Sixteen years later, Ellen Raskin published The Westing Game, challenging the then-prevalent idea that young adults couldn’t follow stories with ridiculously complicated plots. (Clearly, publishers were unfamiliar with Tolkien.) Its heroine is Tabitha-Ruth Alice “Turtle” Wexler, a thirteen-year-old who is trapped in her pretty sister’s shadow but nevertheless gets major kudos for being nicknamed after a lumpy reptile. Turtle and her family are involved in an elaborate inheritance puzzle that sets an entire apartment complex’s worth of people against one another for $200 million in loot.Amidst the endless characters, unexpected bombings, anonymous tips, and false leads, Turtle demonstrates business savvy, goodheartedness, and independent thinking; she invests her “incentive” funds to profit independently of the riddle, attempts to fall on the sword for her mad bomber of a sister, and solves the puzzle even though the game ends and the prize is withdrawn. By befriending and impressing the benefactor, Turtle then goes on to prove that you don’t have to be a beautiful young thang to get your mitts on an old man’s multi-million dollar inheritance.Growing up is hard enough as it is without television and magazines telling kids to hurry up and buy into adult things. Admittedly, literature is as bound to market trends as anything else, but until books start selling ad space between chapters, we’d like to think of them as a refuge for the mind. And if novels about black-magic carnivals, interplanetary time warps, and pyrotechnic treasure hunts can somehow present well-balanced young adult characters, any story that doesn’t is definitely not trying hard enough.