6 Reasons to Choose a Pocket Folder, 4 Reasons to Select Another Format For Your Sales Literature | roguecasting.info

Should you choose a pocket folder to present your sales pitch or look for another format? Sales Managers and Marketing Directors search for the answer that fits their style, product and budget. Here are the pros and cons.6 Reasons to Choose a Pocket Folder Versatility – No other format is as versatile. From its most simplistic single-pocket configuration to a 6-panel version with stapled-in pages and stair-stepped inserts, the format allows the most options to add as much detail as needed.Changeability – If you have information that changes regularly, the format is very accommodating. You can insert different information each time it is delivered. A perfect example of differing information is when your organization has custom pricing for each prospective account. Consider creating matching template pages which are mostly blank, but have graphics that match the pocket folder. Then laser in your variable information and slip the pages into the pocket.Other changeable information can include things like multiple product lines. Suppose you have 8 product lines, each with its own inserts/brochures. Some of your products are designed for all of your target audiences, some for 2 audiences, and some for 4 or 5 audiences. It’s easy to mix and match inserts that are specific to each audience.First Impression Value – The oversized format and solid feeling can’t be beat. When you receive a pocket folder, it just feels more important. Make sure you choose a good designer to enhance the value even further.Convenience for the Recipient – The recipient has a handy place to hold all of your information, including your business card. Everything can be kept neatly and securely.Cost – Interestingly, the cost can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. Compared to a simple trifold brochure, the cost is certainly higher, but the trifold can’t deliver variable information efficiently. If you had to change information each time you made a presentation with a trifold, it would be an expensive and useless endeavor.Multiple Uses – Good looking pocket folders with generic graphics can fit multiple uses. Make sales presentations, send proposals, deliver contracts, or fulfill literature requests – all with the same device.4 Reasons NOT to Choose a Pocket FolderLack of Cohesiveness – Often the users slip into the mindset that “the more we give the prospect, the better chance we have to finalize a sale.” They mistakenly include every piece of literature they have, making the main message become softened and/or confused. Prospects get overloaded and either pass over or ignore the primary message.Cohesiveness can also be lost when well-meaning, but poorly trained employees, create pieces to insert that don’t maintain a branded image.Cost – The typical cost can range from $1 – $10 each. Weigh the cost of an average sale against the cost to determine if it’s worth the expense. If you’re selling in the business-to-business arena with an average sale over $500, they’re great. Look for a cheaper option if you’re selling products worth under $500.Overkill – If your product or service is simple or low-cost choose a small brochure or flyer instead.Extensive Amounts of Information – There’s a limit. Once you get past 24-36 pages of information, it’s probably better to switch to a catalog or magazine format.